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Welcome to Taitung

Come to Taitung and slow down! Every place is super beautiful, with infinite oceans, magnificent mountains, golden rice waves, diverse humanities, and many large-scale events planned in recent years, such as Taima Li Yingguang, Hot Air Balloon Carnival, Golden Needle Sea, East Coastal Land Festival, Moonlight Sea Music Festival, Taitung Marathon, Cycling Road Race, etc. There are many activities and attractions that you are waiting for, and it is a pity that you miss it!

Top 10 Attractions Must Go in Taitung in 2020

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Top 10 Recommended Accommodations in Taitung in 2020


Top 10 Popular Tastes in Taitung in 2020

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Traffic Information in Taitung

Drive by yourself

The most suitable way to travel to Taitung.  After arriving in Hualien in the north, you can walk on the number 9 highway or the number 11 highway.  The south can pass the South Back Highway and take the number 9 highway north which continued to widen the project and drastically shortened the transit time.  The most important thing is to drive long distances and avoid fatigue.

Taipei – Taitung (No. 9 HW) 330km
Taipei – Taitung (No. 11 HW) 335km
Kaohsiung – Taitung 170km

Train information

Taking a train is a mode of transportation with a high CP value. It is most suitable for tourists who like slow pace. They can have the opportunity to get to know every Taitung Railway Station and enjoy every unique station and scenery. In the north, you can take the Taroko/Puuma/T.C. Ltd Exp/C.K. Exp/Local Train to Taitung; in the south, you can take the T.C. Ltd Exp/C.K. Exp/Local Train to Taitung.

Taipei – Taitung 3~4 Hr
Kaohsiung – Taitung 2.5 Hr

Aircraft information

If you want to escape to the city as soon as possible, it is recommended to take a plane. It takes only an hour to fly from Songshan Airport to Taitung. However, please pay attention to aviation information before boarding, and sometimes the airport will be closed due to the weather. In addition, travellers who want to go to Green Island and Lanyu can also take small planes at Taitung Airport, see the pilots flying at close range, and the air-conditioned air with white smoke is definitely an unforgettable experience.

Taipei Songshan Airport – Taitung Airport (Mandarin Airlines / UNI AIR)
Taitung Airport, Green Island (Daily Air)
Taitung Airport, Lanzhou (Daily Air)